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A Spiritual Healing Studio

Services and Rates


Rieki Crystal Healing

Quartz Crystals are used to "Amp" up your healing session to bring on a spiritual experience. Chakra crystals are also used to bring balance and harmony to the 7 main chakras. Chakras are know as the "Wheels of Life" an unbalanced chakra can cause stress and illness along with emotional and physical pain.  A Reiki healing session will  clear your chakras and leave you feeling "light" less stressed and at ease.  Each session is 75 mins.


Massage and Reiki Service 

 Indulge yourself in “Bliss” with a tailor made massage of your choice. Relieve stress and boost your immune system while detoxing and releasing endorphins promoting healing and a sense of well being.

Swedish -Deep Tissue - Reiki

 30 min           60 min.     75 min         90 min.

$55             $85         $100              $120

Reiki Massage -  

30 min of Reiki 60 min of Swedish Massage


Rain Drop Technique

Nine of the purest essential oils are dropped like rain on the spine and worked in with light feathering strokes. Raindrop can boost your immune system and realign your spine,create balance and diminish inflammation.

  (60 min only, $125)

Ear Candling


Angel Card Readings

$55 per hour