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A Spiritual Healing Studio

What is Reiki?

                                                          Innerbliss now offers Instruction in Reiki for all Levels.

                                                                     Level I, II, III,  Master/ Teacher.

                                                                                  What is Reiki?

         Reiki is a Japanese method of relaxation and natural healing. Reiki is a safe gentle form of touch therapy which helps balance the body's energy (ki) and restores balance to the body, mind and spirit.  Reiki promotes a profound state of relaxation and alleviates stress and stress-related conditions. Reiki is non-invasive and works with the bodys own healing mechanisms to bring balance and remove blocks. When one is in a state of balance one experiences less stress, get sick less often and is in less pain.  Many Doctors and hospitals use reiki because of it's stress reducing properties and for its ability to promote healing. There is no manipulation during the session and recipient is fully clothed.

Nancy Ryan,

Reiki Master. 

Reiki Level I:  This class is a 2 day workshop, 3 hours each, consisting of 4 attunements. The student will learn the hands on healing method and the history of Reiki. Books and materials are included.


Reiki level II:  Student must be attuned in Reiki I in order to take this class.  This 2 day workshop, 3 hours each, consist of 2 additional Reiki attunments. This will increase the flow of energy and learn to use the Reiki symbols that are used for mental/emotional healing and distant healing.


Reiki Level III  Master/Teacher:  Student must be attuned to Reiki I & II in order to take this class.  This 2 day workshop is for those who wish to give attunements and teach Reiki classes.  Students will also be given a final attunement that will allow them to pass on the Reiki energy to others.


Please call for class schedule, 551-486-4720